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General conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as „GC“) govern the relationship between the project operator located on the website (hereinafter referred to as „the Project“), which is 4INTERNET, s.r.o., Trieda KVP 1, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia (hereinafter referred to as „the Operator“) and all parties (hereinafter referred to as „the User“) who enter and use the website of the Project. Every visitor of the Project using the services provided by the Project, is obliged to acquaint himself with GC before using the Project services and agree with them if he decides to use the services provided by the Project.

All bets on matches and competition fees, if any, are only made through the own virtual Points, which are earned exclusively through User activities on the Project website. Points cannot be purchased from the Project operator, so there is no risk of the User's financial loss, therefore the Operator doesn´t need a Gambling License, nor any other permission related with operation of gambling activity.

Although it is not the gambling, the Operator determines a minimum age needed to join the Project activities, to be 18 years of age. Therefore, every User who registers on the Project website confirms, that he is over 18 years old. The Project operator reserves the right to request from the User a document as a proof of his age. In the case that a document with the proof of the User´s age will not be provided, or the User´s age is less than 18 years old, the Operator reserves the right to cancel the User's account.

Registration of the User´s account on the Project website is free of charge. The User can sign up for the Project through his email or his Facebook account. In the case of a login through Facebook account, the User authorizes the Operator for access to certain information related to his Facebook account as are email, name and profile photo.

The User himself is responsible for keeping his access data to the Project website safe before third parties. The Operator doesn´t take any responsibility for misuse of User's access data by the third party. The User is not entitled for a refundation of ePoints that have been bet or transferred to another User´s account by unauthorized access to the User's account.


I. Buy tips



II. Sell tips

III. Fraudulent activities

Fraudulent activities are all activities related with unfair gaining of the User's benefit to the detriment of the Operator or other User. Among fraudulent activities are included, for example:

1. Multiple registrations

2. Intentional misuse of detected system errors

3. Other activities with the intent to harm the Operator or other User


IV. Account termination by the Operator

The Operator reserves the right to terminate the User´s account without any claim for refundation, if there is found:

1. Fraudulent activities

2. Non compliance with the minimum age limit

3. In case of inactivity for more than 360 days. As the activity is considered participation in the competition or betting of individual match. Before account termination for inactivity, the User will be contacted by the Operator via e-mail sent to the email address stated in the User's profile, at least 14 days before the account is terminated.



V. Account cancellation by the Users

Each user has the right to request for cancellation of his account on the Project website. Once the request for account cancellation is made, the account will be irreversibly cancelled to the User who has requested for account cancellation. ePoints on the User's account will be cancelled, without any restore option.


VI. Cookies policy


VI. a/ Cookies

In order to ensure the proper functionality of this website, we sometimes store on your device small data files, so called cookie. This is the common practice of most big websites.


VI. b/ What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when browsing. Thanks to this file, the website keeps the information about your steps and preferences (such as your login name, language, font size and other display settings) for a certain time, so you don´t need to put it again by your next visit or browsing this website.


VI. c/ How do we use cookies?

This website use cookies to remember the User´s settings, to better suit the ads to visitors' interests, and for the necessary functionality of the website.


VI. d/ How to check cookies

You can check or delete your cookies at your will - the details please see on You can delete all cookies files saved in your computer and set most of browsers to disable them to save the cookies. However, in this case you may need to modify some settings manually by each website visit and some services and features will not work.


VI. e/ How to refuse cookies

You can set up cookies using in your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies at the initial settings.


VII. Collection of personal data

The seller obtains personal data exclusively in connection with User´s registration and each User registrating himself into the Project, agrees with the processing of personal data. 

1. Personal data saved by the User's registration:

a / User´s IP address

b / User´s email

c / User´s name

d / User´s username

e / User´s password

d / User´s country of origin

f / User's cookies



Except these personal information, you may send us additional information by email. We may use this information to respond to your email or for any other purposes related with providing of our services. If you don´t wish your electronic contact to be used for sending of commercial messages, you may notify us anytime by email to or by following the instructions stated in the footer of each notification.


VIII. Processing and Personal Data Protection - Privacy Policy

We consider privacy and personal data protection as our primary responsibility. We handle with personal data fully in accordance with valid law regulations. We process your personal data to the extent necessary needed to provide you with the service that you want to use.

We keep precautions to ensure the confidentiality and security of all your personal data.

The Operator does not rent, sell or share your personal data with third parties except those described below:

a / Data may be handled for us by our trustworthy partners who provide us with some services related with providing of our services or with sending of commercial messages, if these activities require personal data processing; anyway - these processors are not authorized to use your personal data for their own purposes;

b / on the base of specific law regulations, especially if these data are required by the relevant administrative authorities or courts.


IX. Updating your personal information and your other rights

The Operator as a personal data manager guarantees you the right to:

a / access to your personal data,

b / correction of your personal data,

c / request clarification if you suspect, that the processing of your personal data disrupt protection of your personal and private life, or that personal data are processed in non conformity with law regulations,

d / require the remedy of a situation that is in non conformity with law regulations, particulary by stopping personal data processing, data correction, their completing or removing,

e / require the removal of your personal data from our records.


You can update your personal details in settings of your User account and if any other questions or requests, please contact us anytime by email at


X. Operator rights

The Operator reserves the right, at his own consideration and without giving any reason to:

1. Refuse User´s registration

2. Edit the number of ePoints in the User's account

3. Reject the order made in e-shop

4. Stop the Project operation in the case of a technical failure


XII. Operator Liability

The Operator undertakes to:

1. Not provide User´s data to the third party

2. Protect User´s data from third parties

3. Operate the Project in accordance with European Union law regulations


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